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Castelbuono is located about 23km from Cefalu, in the Madonie. Among the exclusive products of communes Castelbuono and Pollina Manna, a resin-like product of the Ash belongs. Visit the Bar Fiasconaro and taste the delicious desserts from Manna. The place Castelbuono developed around the castle and received its present name.

Caccamo Castle

is The entire historic center of Caccamo an attraction in itself. The medieval structure with its extremely narrow streets is essentially maintained. This is possible in part due to a modern ring road, the passing through the northeast of the old town takes you past. At the western end of the old town is the Castle of Caccamo. They probably originated as a lookout on a rock and was expanded over the centuries to one of the largest castles in Sicily. The Sicilian Region bought it in 1963 and placed it for cultural and tourism purposes are available. Besides the castle, the numerous churches Caccamos are interesting sights. In city of Caccamo 26 churches are listed.

Castle Manfredonico (Mussomeli)

Located in 778 meters above sea level on top of a calcareous rock castle is approximately 2 kilometers from Mussomeli. It is located at an altitude of about 80 meters and surrounded by a double wall. It has a polygonal plan. In the interior of halls sizeable leads through a Gothic portal with a zigzag pattern. The spread wide Gothic ribs of the Sala dei Baroni was probably a painted wooden coffered ceiling. In the Sala del camino the ribs of the cross vault on octagonal columns with foliated capitals rest. Until the 16th century the castle served as a prison, soon after it was abandoned. After a restoration project by architect Ernsto Armo Castle Hohenzollern the Kaiser Wilhelm II was visited.. This restoration of large parts of the castle, as the Sala dei Baroni and the castle chapel in the 20th century the original appearance is justifiable under certain conditions. Today the castle serves only as a tourist attraction.


Cefalu is to Taormina the most famous seaside resort of Sicily and is located about 1 hour from Alia away. Innumerable beautiful buildings this city has to offer, the more interesting part for tourists is certainly the Old Town Cefalu Vecchio. Characteristic narrow streets which are characterized by life and history make the stroll in the old town at a particularly beautiful experience. Again and again one encounters ancient buildings that emphasize the beauty of this coastal town yet. Another attraction is the Palazzo Piraino, a building dating from the 5th century, the "Chiesa Madre della Catena", the baroque church Purgatorio, the Porta Ossunta and many other charming building.

For pure beach tourists can recommend the beach of Cefalu highly, here you can comfortably lie in the sun, swim and have lots of fun.

We especially recommend the one-hour walk to the shrine "Tempio di Diana" on the Rocca. The view rewards the many stairs.


Weingut Regaleali

The Winery Tasca D'Almerita was founded in 1830 with the purchase of the property by the Regaleali Tasca brothers. Today the family farms 360 hectares. ( "The most beautiful winery in Sicily, a new era has dawned From 2002 supervised Carlo Ferrini, enologist and agronomist of distinction, the top products of the house, which is also swung around to another Phiosophie. It now wants the local flavor help the wines as well as the typical varieties of the region to more advantage. " Gambero Rosso

Weingut Castelluccimiano

The vineyards are located at altitudes between 650 and 1050m at deen slopes of Madonie. Each well, each survey has its own microclimate and only experience determines where the vineyards are applied A Because of its history and its characteristics unique heritage of autochthonous grape varieties. The vineyards have an average age of 30-40 years. The former espalier forms together with the newer tree education an example of a unique appreciation. The philosophy of environmental protection, a naturally organic farming together with the rediscovery of ancient local traditions make it possible to obtain the grape-variety deses terroir and improve, where grapes excellent qualitative characteristics arise.

olive oil

Let explain how harvested organic olives in their painstaking efforts and processed into cold-pressed olive oil.

cheese dairy

Have a look at as Sicilian cheese is made and visit a traditional cheese factory to witness the production of Sicilian specialties.


The mountain village of Erice offers a unique mitteralterliche backdrop. The views of Erice from is amazing, you can see the entire city of Trapani that Egadi Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, the salt pans of Trapani, the island of Mozia and Stagnone and Marsala see. The Temple of Venus of Erice was rebuilt only during the Norman era in the 12th century to a Norman castle, in its inside the remains of the ancient temple of Venus can be seen.

Gibellina und Poggioreale

When a major earthquake in Belice on January 15, 1968 Gibellina was completely destroyed. Instead they rebuild, was built 11 km further west a new city. The remains of its ancient Gibellina Vecchia and the New Town Gibellina Nuova lie in a straight line 11 km on the road 18 km from each other.

The settlement Poggioreale was destroyed in the 1968 earthquake and completely abandoned by the inhabitants. From a distance, the village seems to be intact, but it's a ghost town.


We recommend the train from Roccapalumba-Alia to go to Palermo and explore there with the City Sightseeing buses the city.

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Palermo is the capital of Sicily Autonomous Region and the province of Palermo. It lies on a bay on the northern coast of Sicily. In the 8th century BC. BC., Founded the city experienced, especially under the domination of the Arabs and the Normans and Staufer a heyday. Visit the market "Mercato della Vucciria", the living space "Quattro Canti", the magnificent cathedral and Monreale.

Forum Palermo

In bad weather, we recommend a visit to the shopping center "Forum Palermo".

Naturalle Ficuzza reserve, Rocca Busambra

Explore the nature reserve around the Rocca Busambra - the distinctive 1600m high rock, which can be seen from the Villa della Mimosa from. The Bosco della Ficuzza is the largest contiguous forest area in the hinterland of Palermo with many special features. In winter incur pulse ante waterfalls at "Gola del Drago". Take a tour of the hunting lodge of Ficuzza part and give yourself an espresso in the "old station". There are hiking trails for every taste - leisurely walks, easy hikes or climbing the Rocca Busambra for professionals and persevering.

Scala dei Turchi (Realmonte)

Near Agrigento a rock jutting into the sea, as we see him only rarely in the world: His snow-white levels range from the beach up to the land some 50 m higher. According to the vernacular, this "staircase of the Turks" was the gateway of the conquerors. The Scala dei Turchi is not only nice to look at. The round cut stages own also a good start to Sonnenstuhl. Popular is also the beach at the foot of white rocks. Here it can be perfectly all day endure.

Sclafani Bagni

Sclafani Bagni lies 89 km to the southeast of Palermo, in the southwest of the Parco delle Madonie. The neighboring municipality of Alia is built on the rocky top of a mountain at 813 meters. Two spiers rise above the narrow streets and stairways of Sclafani Bagni. On a the remains of a fort can be seen, on the other the lock. The 1848-built thermal baths and the thermal spring is located below (at about 350 meters) to the north, near the SS 120. The system is no longer in operation, the building is very dilapidated. However, it is in a natural basin, directly below the source, bathe. The water comes to about 34 degrees Celsius to the surface.

Sicilia Outlet Village (Dittaino)

Sicily "Roermond" located near Enna and thus away good 1h30 of Alia. In 2011 opened Outlet Village you can make some deals with Nike, Lacoste, Adidas, Calvin Klein and Co..


Taormina has to show many beautiful sites. The Greek-Roman theater offers a view that is simply picturesque. From there you can see the bay of Naxos, enter the theater itself and the volcano Etna at a glance. Even Goethe could not resist the charm of this East Coast pearl and raving fell into. This small town is one of the most charming places in the world.

Temple of Segesta

The temple of Segesta is one next to the Temple of Concord Agrigento the best preserved Greek worship of Sicily. The Doric peripteral was started by classical ideals not by Greeks but of Elymians probably in the middle of the 5th century BC. BC.. The theater of Segesta counts alongside those of Syracuse and Taormina the most beautiful of his era. The lowest 20 rows of seats remained very well preserved, the stage building is missing.

Valley of the Temples (Agrigento)

The archaeological area "Valley of the Temples" of Agrigento, in Sicily, an incomparable witness of Magna Grecia, was added to the World Heritage List of UNESCO 1997th The ruins of the Hellenistic and then Punic-Roman city, the imposing Doric temples - still very well preserved today - the agora, the pagan and Christian cemeteries and the impressive underground aqueducts network make this about 1300 ha site truly unique;. Here a thousand years of history is told in one place that in the 6th century. BC. begins with the foundation of the ancient Greek settlement of Akragas.
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